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Eurotax Payback

Hån, Gränsen 1

S- 670 10 Töcksfors

Tlf. +46(0)573 291 30



Eurotax Payback

Grensen 1

N-1870 Ørje, Norge


N 59° 29.295', E 11° 44.965'





Opening hours

Winter (oct-apr)

Kl. 08.00-21.00 (10.00-18.00)


Summer (may-sept)

Kl. 08.00-21.00 (09.00-21.00)


Currency Services

Here you can exchange all currencies listed on the stock exchange and withdraw cash in various currencies. Currency Exchange is always at the current rate

Tourist Service

As an authorised Norwegian and Swedish “i-agency” we are able to provide tourist information for Norway and Sweden.